What is "My CINEVIE"? Create a picture album on DVD with photos taken during your Hawaiian Honeymoon or Family Vacation.


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What is

CINEVIE takes your digital camera photos and adds beautiful images of Hawaii (a 2 min. opening and 1.5 min. ending) as well as fun Hawaiian music to create your original DVD Movie Album. $30 for up to 50 photos or 100 photos for $40. The second album is $20.

* CINEVIE is made up of 3 parts.
Before and after your picture slideshow, CINEVIE adds an opening and ending, and then completes the DVD with Hawaiian music in the background to add some tropical flavor.
The top menu allows you to jump to any of the three parts: opening, photos, or ending.
CINEVIE's beautifully produced images of Hawaii come in as a 2 min. introduction.
The pictures you've taken yourself appear; the running time for the standard amount of 50 photos is 3.5 mins.
CINEVIE's ending of 1.5 mins. is a perfect way to finish off with a relaxed vibe.

4 Versions to choose from.

The opening/ending videos are complete with 4 different themes, Family, Active, Nature, and Romantic, available to suit your needs.
?SelectionSample Preview

Choose from 8 designs.

We also offer special designs for honeymoon couple and weddings.

Make your selection for the music from Naleo.

Naleo is Oahu-born trios, who have been receiving many awards in Hawaii. They are also popular in Japan. You can choose your favorite from various selections that we offer.
? NaLeo
?? Play Music

Your DVD Movie Album is ready in just one hour.

You can pick up your DVD Movie Album in one hour after ordering at our reception desk, convenient for those with a short stay. Even if you aren't able to return for pick-up, we'll send any number of DVDs to anywhere in the world for only $10.
Your chosen picture is printed on the jacket and DVD label, completing the last touches to make it your original.
Comes in a convenient envelope at pick-up.
Even if you aren't able to return for pick-up, we'll send any number of DVDs to anywhere in the world for only $10.

Pricing Chart

The first 50 photos are priced at $30. A charge of $10 is added after each additional 50 photos. (A DVD with 100 photos is priced at $40). An additional copy is $20.
Photos 1-50photos 51-100photos 101-150photos 151-200photos 201-250photos
Price $30 $40 $50 $60 $70

Upon order

-the order of pictures
The pictures will be line up in the order of the date and the time. Please be sure to set your camera before you take pictures.

-the types of memory media that we handle
compact flash, compact flash Type II, memory stick, memory stick pro, smart media, XD-picture card, SD multimedia card, camera phones ( special cartridge will be required for card reader to transfer the pictures. Please bring the cartridge with you) We also accept CD-R.
Those who doesnt have digital cameras
If you own 35mm film camera, you can save your pictures on CD-R at camera stores in Waikiki such as the Ritz Cameras in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Plaza. Once you have the CD-R, we are able to make your DVD movie album from the CD-R.

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