Selection Create a picture album on DVD with photos taken during your Hawaiian Honeymoon or Family Vacation.


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The opening/ending videos are completed with 4 different themes: Family, Active, Nature, and Romantic.
Family Ver.
1M | 56k
Active Ver.
1M | 56k

Nature Ver.
1M | 56k

Romantic Ver.
1M | 56k

Choose from 8 designs.
Waikiki Beach Duke Flower

Wedding Wedding Wedding Wedding

Naleo is Oahu-born trios, who have been receiving many awards in Hawaii. They are also popular in Japan. You can choose your favorite from various selections that we offer.

Pop Variety
Local Boys 1M | 56k
Colorblind 1M | 56k
Playing With My Mind 1M | 56k
North Shore Serenade 1M | 56k
Pineapple Express 1M | 56k
Here In The Rising Tide 1M | 56k
Flying With Angel 1M | 56k
Love Is Starting To Shine 1M | 56k
Ka Leo O Ku'u Lehua 1M | 56k
Nani No Ke Ko'olau 1M | 56k
Hapai Hula 1M | 56k
Ku'u Sweet Lei Makamae 1M | 56k

Romantic Variety
Right Before My Eyes 1M | 56k
The Rest Of Your Life 1M | 56k
Coming Home 1M | 56k
In Your Smile 1M | 56k

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